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Community Health Solutions of America, Inc. (CHS) is a managed care organization headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. We have significant experience delivering customized care management services to pediatric and adult populations. Our clients includes state governments, MCOs, hospitals, and universities. Our patient-centered, provider-driven programs, driven by our best-in-class care management software, are customizable and scalable – and our results speak for themselves. Since 2007, we have managed almost 700,000 member lives, outperforming competitors and improving health outcomes in the process.

CHS provides clinical care management services and ancillary support services including staff recruiting, program development, analytics, reporting, fulfillment processing, call center support, and claims processing.  We take pride in our state-of-the-art care coordination software, Consensus™. After identifying gaps in existing software, Consensus™ was created in 2009 and has been continuously refined with the input of clinicians, providers, and technology experts. Consensus™ empowers CHS to manage patient populations in the most effective way possible – reducing costs, increasing quality, and improving outcomes. We have developed successful solutions for a variety of programs, ranging from small complex pediatric programs to large state Medicaid programs that encompass TANF, SSI, and Dual Eligible populations. Services provided vary from administering a comprehensive Primary Care Case Management program with over 200,000 members, to providing a la carte care coordination, software, third party administrator, and/or processing and fulfillment solutions to states and corporate entities. 

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Historical Member Outcomes Resulting from Moving to CHS Model of Care Coordination


The Impact of Transitional Case Management (TCM)

The Objective: In a first-of-its-kind landmark study, Dr. Osman Ahmed, CHS’ Chief Medical Officer, investigated whether or not Transitional Case Management (TCM) program interventions affect re-admissions to acute care hospitals.

The Method: TCM program interventions educated patients about their condition(s) and helped them adhere to their care plan after hospital discharge. Case managers used specific tools and assessments to find and close gaps in care.

The Results: The study concluded that by providing case management, patient readmissions were four times less likely within a thirty-day period.

The Conclusion: When nurses provide telephonic Case Management and Care Coordination, patients become more engaged in their personal care and self- management activities. Such programs prevent re-admissions and reduce overall health care costs.

 Download the complete report here.

CHS Propels Health Systems Towards Triple Aim Success! We offer end-to-end, holistic care management solutions for members, providers, and hospitals. Our people, processes and technology have proven to outperform the competition and result in superior outcomes.